Funeral and Memorial Services

All too often, families discount the value of ceremony after the death of a loved one, and we certainly don’t want you to make that mistake. Coming together after a death is a very essential part of the grieving process.

Funeral Services

Gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to share memories, express emotions, and find comforting support. Whether you choose burial or cremation; whether you select a formal funeral, a more relaxed memorial service or green funeral options, the need for acknowledgment of the loss with family and friends is ever present. We can help you create a unique meaningful ceremony to express the genuine individuality of your loved one.

We offer families a beautiful setting in which to come together to honor your loved one. But, you may certainly choose to celebrate their life in a more unique setting. No matter where you decide to gather together, such a service will make a difference in the lives of all who attend.

Burial Services

If burial has been selected, the ceremony usually  revolves around the casket being present. You can choose to follow tradition, with a viewing, and then a funeral service in a church or at the funeral home. Or you could decide to have a service in your home or at another location.

Let’s just say this: there is no ‘hard and fast’ formula for honoring your loved one. We’re here to listen to your concerns, share our experience, and help you to arrive at the perfect way to gather together before your loved one's interment in the cemetery of your choice.

Cremation Services 

Many families today are choosing cremation. If cremation is your preference, you may be surprised to learn that the opportunities for creating a unique tribute are just as numerous as they are with burial ceremonies. Cremation is a personal preference and at Bolger Funeral home we understand that personal, religious, cultural and financial expectations can be factors when considering cremation. Regardless of the services you choose, you have many options for personalizing the service and ensuring that it truly reflects the unique life of your loved one.

Cremation with Care

Green Funerals

Webster's online dictionary defines the word "green" (as it pertains to products and services) as "not harmful to the environment." A green funeral is generally any end-of-life ritual that is as harmless as possible for the environment. This can include burial in a green or "natural" cemetery.

At death, we use ritual to celebrate and honor the memory of a life. Many environmentally conscious famlies today seek a mix of traditional and green options. A green funeral typically includes no emblaming or embalming with formaldehyde-free products, the use of biodegradable clothing, a burial shroud or casket and a natural or green burial. Traditionally upright headstones are not used, rather rocks, plants or trees serve as a grave marker.

The growing interest in green funerals and natural earth friendly products has inspired a variety of new funeral products such as greener caskets, burial shrouds and green urns - which are all sustainable and eco-friendly. At Bolger Funeral Home, we can provide you with endless options whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply find a more natural way to an end-of-life ritual.